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Martin Preuss aquamaniac at gmx.de
Wed Jul 9 13:12:39 EDT 2008


On Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2008, Derek Atkins wrote:
> > When asked for the list of accounts the bank returns the account number
> > as say "xxxxx1234". But when returning statements it only returns a
> > substring for the account number (e.g. "1234").
> Doesn't GnuCash/AQB already know the account number/information when it
> sent the statement request in the first place?  The only potential issue
> I can see is if the bank shares account numbers across multpiple accounts
> of different types, but one would hope there's some way to differentiate
> between Checking and Savings accounts.  (My Credit Union does this).

Well, yes, GnuCash knows the account number, but that's not what the bank 
returns in this case. Some banks choose - for whatever reason, I really can't 
think of a good one - to report a truncated version of the account number in 
the statements, and that's what GnuCash needs to catch if it wants to read 
the requested statements :-/


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