Feature proposal: Windows - assigning GnuCash to file name extension?

Jannick Asmus jannick.news at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 10:54:50 EDT 2008

Hi Robert,

On 10.07.2008 14:13, Robert Stocks wrote:
> 2008/7/10 Rolf Leggewie <no2spam at nospam.arcornews.de>:
>> Jannick Asmus wrote:
>>> Now it would make my day if the files with extension .gnucash are shown
>>> with the little GnuCash picture in the file explorer.
>> I am pretty sure it can be done, but I have not really used Windows for
>> years.
> First set up the open with action as previosly mentioned.
> then in any explorer window choose Folder Options from the tools menu
> Switch to the file types tab
> Find and select GNUCASH in the list
> Click Advanced
> Click Change Icon
> Select C:\Program Files\gnucash\share\gnucash\pixmaps\gnucash-icon.ico
> (ok,ok,close)  and your wish has been granted

Thanks! Simple enough for me. Much appreciated!!

Best wishes,

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