Feature proposal: shortened drop down list of accounts for entering transactions

Jannick Asmus jannick.news at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 14:03:20 EDT 2008

On 10.07.2008 18:32, Rolf Leggewie wrote:
> Derek Atkins wrote:
>>> Sounds like a good idea, but ...
>> I think it sounds like a HORRIBLE idea.   99% of the time I already
>> know the account I want so I don't even USE the drop-down box.
> Let me ask you a question, how many accounts do you actually have in
> your COA?  How many of them do you use regularly? A rough estimate is
> sufficient.

The depth of the CoA applied would be another good indicator, too.

> PS: Jannick, I think the patch from bug 129099 will also help here.

Thanks. But things with ".c" are very very safe from ordinary users like 
me. I think I will wait till it is released.

> Despite years of people talking to him, Derek is just not used to the
> German way of bookkeeping.

When it comes to IFRS accounting for SMEs in almost the whole world, we 
all will be sitting in the same boat I guess. But when this comes up 
nobody really knows at the moment. At least I don't.

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