Add Additional Column to Register Report (PATCH INCLUDED)

Charles Day cedayiv at
Fri Jul 11 19:22:40 EDT 2008

On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 2:58 PM, Robert Stocks <robert.stocks at>

> Ok, Attached is a new patch that implements the first part of this
> suggestion.
> This updates the register report, to include a memo option and
> reprogram the description option
> Becasue this report picks up some settings from the register when
> launched there are 4 situations in which you should test it.
> The double line mode controls the notes field (i have not added the
> option to change this after initial load) You should test with this
> setting both on and off.
> The Basic Ledger mode - will promote the memos to a new column which
> can be hidden with the memo option.
>   - the description option will remove the description
> In Transaction Journal (or Auto Split) mode - the memo, notes and
> description are all shown in the same column, and the options work as
> expected.
> it's late and I am tired so shout if the above does not make sense,
> I will have a look at adding the Notes option next, but I think the
> above is ready for commiting.
> The attached file (SAMPLE) contains a sample transaction that I found
> very usefull when debuging this, each field simply contains it's name,
> very handy)

This looks great. I went ahead and committed these changes, and also added
you to the AUTHORS file (hope you don't mind). I have requested backport, so
these changes should get released in 2.2.6.

Thanks very much!


> --
> Robert

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