need help with program

Jessica Goulding jessgoulding at
Mon Jul 14 13:10:45 EDT 2008


I am having trouble with my gnucash software.  I hope this is the place to get help.  

When I try to open my saved account hierarchy to continue work, I get this message: 

Can't parse the URL C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\.gnucash\books\Gnucash heirarchy.20080705110931.20080705125724.log.

If I go down the list within the Books folder, by chance I may be able to open something, but it is not the most recent save.  How can I simply open gnucash and get the most recent accounts information?  I really don't want to set it all up a third time!

Thank you so much for your time and software. I know I will love it once I can use it!

Jessica Goulding


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