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Wed Jul 16 12:47:35 EDT 2008

Mike or Penny Novack <stepbystepfarm at mtdata.com> writes:

> I would pay close attention to what Graham says here.
>> I didn't say that *all* timestamps were unnecessary, what I said was
>> that dates that are actually dates, and not times, are being stored
>> as times, and that this is incorrect.
>> For an example, look at the date entered in a transaction. The UI
>> only allows you to choose a year, a month and a day, and because of
>> this, you should only store a year, a month and a day.
> It is actually the case that (depending on financial policies) storing
> the actual time could present problems.
> For example -- the rule might be "process all credits for the given
> date before any debits for that date" --- or vice versa. If the
> programmer mistakenly used time stamps rather than dates, the sort
> would not give the expected results.

These rules can certainly vary from place to place, locale to locale,
or even person to person.   Why force the issue?  IF we let users
set the TimeOfDay (see bug #89439) then users could easily set the
intra-day ordering of transactions themselves.  If GnuCash ONLY
stored a date then there would be NO WAY to set this.  So I think
storing a timestamp really is more flexible.

Having said that, I'll reiterate that I do still think there is a bug
here.  I think that by DEFAULT GnuCash should store time stamps as
1200 UTC on the day in question instead of what appears to ME to be
0000 Local.  Using 1200UTC would give a proper DAY computation in any
timezone even when converted to localtime (except perhaps if there
were a UTC+12 or UTC-12 timezone, at which point there's possibly a
fencepost issue).  However I dont believe there is anyone who lives
*ON* the international date line.

> Michael


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