New Budget Report

Benjamin Johnsen ben.johnsen at
Mon Jul 21 14:33:49 EDT 2008


I started using GnuCash around 6 months ago.  One of the main features
I was looking for was a good way to track my budget.  The budget
report that came with GnuCash doesn't do a lot of calculations for you
such as year to date and Income and Expense Totals and differences
between Incomes and Expenses.  So I wrote my own report to do
everything I wanted.

I was using this report for personal use.  Then I started sharing it
with a friend that was also using GnuCash.  This caused me to have to
put some more finishing touches on it so that he could use it.

Since he has been using it without any issues I have been thinking
about making it publicly available.  I figured I would submit it to
the GnuCash project first and see if you all would take it.

I haven't done a lot of testing on it.  It works for me and my friend
but we are both working in USD.  So I haven't tested it with other
currencies and with mixed currencies.  I have a feeling that mixed
currencies won't work at this time since the summing that I budget
performs doesn't do currency conversion.

So I guess my question is how do I submit it to you all for testing
and inclusion in the project?


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