ofxdirectconnect in aqbanking3 branch

Dave Reiser dbreiser at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 21 12:38:18 EDT 2008

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>> However, the first time I ran a directconnect session, gnucash asked me
>> twice to specify an account for the credit card transactions I was
>> downloading. Subsequent runs to the same bank only asked me once to specify an
>> account (the Select Account dialog/window). I don't think gnucash should ever ask
>> for an account during a directconnect sequence -- the Online Banking Setup
>> function is supposed to take care of that. Gnucash won't even let me
>> trigger the Get Transaction function unless there is an Online Setup match
>> already established for the current account register.
>Does it ask you for the same online id which is showed at the top of the chooser?
>Typically, it should ask for a combination "bank code" + "account number" only once.

Maybe. When I run the Online Banking Setup wizard, enter the connection info for Citibank, and click "Get Accounts", some of what citibank returns is:
Account Number (from ofx tag <ACCTID>): "XXXXXXXXXXXX1234"
Account Name (from ofx tag <DESC>): "Credit Card XXXXXXXXXXXX1234"

What gnucash is now asking me to select an account for every time I do an ofxdirectconnect session to Citibank is "Credit Card XXXXXXXXXXXX1234"

>> The Transaction Matcher window should be drawn in front of the main
>> window, or it's pretty easy to lose it. (Hey, where are my transactions?)
>Does the transaction matcher window show up differently in other imports on
>mac os?  

Yes. For aqbanking2 directconnect sessions and for libofx imports (current gnucash svn or prior aqbanking2 versions of gnucash) via File>Import>Import OFX/QFX... the transaction matcher window is always drawn in front of the register window.

>Does adding a gtk_window_present(GTK_WINDOW(info->dialog))
>at the end of gnc_gen_trans_list_new() in import-main-matcher.c change
No, but just to be sure I tried the right thing, here is how I implemented the suggestion:
Index: src/import-export/import-main-matcher.c
--- src/import-export/import-main-matcher.c	(revision 17365)
+++ src/import-export/import-main-matcher.c	(working copy)
@@ -510,6 +510,7 @@
   gnc_restore_window_size(GCONF_SECTION, GTK_WINDOW(info->dialog));
   gtk_widget_show_all (GTK_WIDGET (info->dialog));
+  gtk_window_present(GTK_WINDOW(info->dialog));
   return info;

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