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Graham Leggett minfrin at
Sun Jun 1 16:15:31 EDT 2008

Derek Atkins wrote:

> Eh?   I receive a bill from my vendor.  It's not due for another
> 20 days.  I enter it into gnucash and then later on pay it.

Some vendors are COD only, which means the payment will almost always 
come before the invoice. Or the payment is captured before the bill is 
captured, either way has the same effect.

Your algorithm cannot make any assumptions as to the order that 
information will be captured into gnucash.

> In your case you're talking about a completely different paradigm.
> You're talking POS/Orders, and the gnucash business features don't
> implement that right now.  For that you should probably just forego
> the business features because you're never in a situation where a
> customer owes you money.

Both our customers and our accountant require invoices regardless of 
when and how payment is made, again, this is a legal requirement. As a 
result, using the business features is mandatory for us.

> You can choose the first item to get paid.  yes, if you unpost then
> it can get confused.  There's certainly some post/unpost/pay series
> that gets it very confused but I haven't been able to reproduce this
> case in my testing.

I have, in three separate sets of accounts, reproducing it is not difficult.

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