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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Jun 1 20:20:52 EDT 2008

Quoting Graham Leggett <minfrin at>:

>> In your case you're talking about a completely different paradigm.
>> You're talking POS/Orders, and the gnucash business features don't
>> implement that right now.  For that you should probably just forego
>> the business features because you're never in a situation where a
>> customer owes you money.
> Both our customers and our accountant require invoices regardless of 
> when and how payment is made, again, this is a legal requirement. As 
> a result, using the business features is mandatory for us.

You're conflating two issues!  You're conflating the "I need to send
a piece of paper to my customer that details what they bought" and
"I need to keep track (in GnuCash) of what customers owe/paid me".
These are two completely different issues, and there's no reason
that they cannot be separated.  Indeed, in your case I would HIGHLY
recommend that you separate them, because I suspect the legal requirement
is the former, not the latter.

Note:  There are OTHER (non-GnuCash) solutions to problem #1.  I
highly recommend invoice.sty.

>> You can choose the first item to get paid.  yes, if you unpost then
>> it can get confused.  There's certainly some post/unpost/pay series
>> that gets it very confused but I haven't been able to reproduce this
>> case in my testing.
> I have, in three separate sets of accounts, reproducing it is not difficult.

It's certainly not a use case that I've ever run into.  If you can
so readily reproduce it from a known state then could you please file
a bug report on this?  Or comment on the existing bug report that Geert
mentioned in a previous email?

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