How to compile the latest version of GnuCash with database support on MS Windows

Josh Sled jsled at
Fri Jun 27 09:52:22 EDT 2008

"Ajit Kumar" <ajit.kumar.azad at> writes:
> I am new to GnuCash and currently evaluating it to see how best I can use it
> for my finance needs. Also, I need the backend to be based on a database.
> Upon reading through the document, I came to know that PostgreSQL is
> supported but not as a default backend. 
> Could anyone guide me through the steps to build GnuCash with the back-end
> database support? Also, does GnuCash support MySql/Oracle database?

There is no pre-alpha version in which a postgres or any other database
backend is available, much less supported.

Instructions for building on Windows can be found at
<>. I
don't see why they wouldn't apply to the "gda-dev" branch, where the most
recent DB-related efforts are taking place, except I don't think building on
Windows is a goal for that branch, right now.

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