glossary file

Raffael Luthiger modir at
Sat Mar 1 10:36:14 EST 2008

Christian Stimming wrote:
> See . It is standard practice in 
> larger translations to start off with the creation of such a glossary, and 
> only in a second step dealing with the translation itself.

I have seen this. But still I don't see how this could benefit me 
directly. It could make sense if you have several people who are working 
on the same language file. But even then I don't see why this is better 
than just using the comment field inside the po file.

Furthermore I ask myself if there shouldn't be just one glossary for all 
German language files. And in there will be described what is the 
difference between the different countries.

(I am asking this because I would like to learn something. Not because I 
thing it is a bad idea to do it like this. I would like to learn more 
before I judge.)

> For example, your translation "Aktiven" should have been noted in the glossary 
> if that's the word you decided upon.

OK. true. This makes sense. I will update it. And "Erfolgsrechnung" as 
well. I send you a new version in the next two days.


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