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Christian Stimming stimming at
Sat Mar 1 11:28:09 EST 2008

Am Samstag, 1. März 2008 16:36 schrieb Raffael Luthiger:
> > See . It is standard practice in
> > larger translations to start off with the creation of such a glossary,
> > and only in a second step dealing with the translation itself.
> I have seen this. But still I don't see how this could benefit me
> directly. It could make sense if you have several people who are working
> on the same language file. But even then I don't see why this is better
> than just using the comment field inside the po file.

Yes, for more than one person it is impossible to do this without. But even 
with only you: Just replace "several people" by "yourself, but working on 
this after several weeks pause". It would be impossible to keep all chosen 
keyword translations in memory. Effectively, when you re-visit that file, you 
would have to look up "How did I decide to translate 'transaction' again"... 
and this is exactly what the glossary should be the place for.

> Furthermore I ask myself if there shouldn't be just one glossary for all
> German language files. And in there will be described what is the
> difference between the different countries.

*That* might indeed be a good idea. Feel free to submit a patch to 
glossary/de.po that adds your choices, like so:

msgid "Asset"
msgstr "Aktiva (de_CH: Aktiven)"



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