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Sun Mar 2 19:11:20 EST 2008

Christian Stimming wrote:
> Yes, for more than one person it is impossible to do this without. But even 
> with only you: Just replace "several people" by "yourself, but working on 
> this after several weeks pause". It would be impossible to keep all chosen 
> keyword translations in memory. Effectively, when you re-visit that file, you 
> would have to look up "How did I decide to translate 'transaction' again"... 
> and this is exactly what the glossary should be the place for.

Well, the same way as I would have to search in the glossary for the 
word transaction I can search for it in the normal translation file as 
well. But anyway, I will work with the glossary now. Maybe I can find 
some helpful things when I work with it for a longer time.

> *That* might indeed be a good idea. Feel free to submit a patch to 
> glossary/de.po that adds your choices, like so:

You don't seem to be that happy about it. I wrote it now into de_CH.po.

Here are my changes:
Aktiva/Passiva => Aktiven/Passiven
Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung => Erfolgsrechnung
Einnahmeüberschussrechnung => Mittelflussrechnung (Hier bin ich nicht 
sicher, da ein "income statement" normalerweise eine Gegenüberstellung 
von Einnahmen und Ausgaben sind. Laut Beschreibung ersetzt es aber das 
Wort Erfolgsrechnung (Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung), welches eine 
Gegenüberstellung von Aufwänden und Erträgen ist)
top level account => Hauptkonto
parent account => Elternkonto
POS => Kassensystem oder Kasse (da EFTPOS => Karten-Terminal)
database => Datenbank
register => Kontenblatt (oder Kontojournal)
Tot => Tot (oder "Ges" falls "Gesamt")
Total => Total

I did not translate those words here but I would like to. The current 
German translations are imho not correct at all. Therefore I would like 
to discuss them here first.
commodity = Ware, Artikel, Gut oder Mittel?
commodity listing = Handelsplatz? (Ist meiner Meinung nach auch total 
falsch. Sollte eigentlich "Warenliste" sein.)

I did not find those two words somewhere in the GUI. Therefore I don't 
know what the pefect translation would be.

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