[ANN] gcinvoice.py, a tool to create invoices from templates

Roman Bertle bertle at smoerz.org
Fri Mar 7 06:41:56 EST 2008


I herewith announce gcinvoice, a tool to create invoices from Gnucash
data files using templates.


Up to now, Gnucash can create invoices, but the format and layout of
these invoices cannot be controlled freely using templates. Gcinvoice is
a tool which parses the Gnucash data file and uses a user provided
template to generate invoices. It is similar to g2latex
(http://stefans.datenbruch.de/gnucash/gc2latex.shtml) by Stefan Tomanek,
but the latter was not powerful enough for my needs, and did somehow not
work for me.

* works with data files from Gnucash starting with version 2.0.
* full support for discount and taxes, but WARNING:
  In my opinion, Gnucash does not calculate POSTTAX discounts correctly,
  see this bug in the Gnucash bug database. gcinvoice calculates the
  taxes the way I think it should be, and thus gives a different result
  for invoices with such discouts.
* needs only a working python installation, 2.5 <= version < 3.
* Can be run standalone, or easily integrated into python applications.
* gcinvoice is free software.
Licence and Credits

gcinvoice was written by Roman Bertle bertl at smoerz.org 2007-2008.  It
contains an adapted version of YAPTU, a templating utility written by
Alex Martelli. gcinvoice is published under the Python license.

Download, Installation and Documentation

Simply download the sources from http://www.smoerz.org/gcinvoice/,
unpack and follow the instructions in the contained README files.

Best Regards, and thanks to all developers of Gnucash

Roman Bertle

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