Andreas Köhler at
Sat Mar 8 12:50:02 EST 2008

Hi Derek,

On Di, 2008-03-04 at 11:07 -0500, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Andreas Köhler < at> writes:
> > Before I change anything, I would first like to hear more opinions from
> > those almighty main developers at the top of the file, so no update in
> > GnuCash 2.2.4 ;-)
> >
> > The following two issues still do not look resolved to me:
> >
> >       * given the svn login names one can use the ChangeLogs and trac
> >         search to find out what that person did and is working on, but
> >         the textual description of the project's history would be lost.
> >
> >       * how do we make sure that translators whose names might first
> >         appear on the stable branch get into trunk later on?
> My personal opinion is that the AUTHORS files should be dealt with
> in the same way that the Linux AUTHORS file is dealt with..  When
> someone donates a patch they're welcome to include a diff to the
> AUTHORS file, too.  If they want to be in the file, they can.  If
> they don't, they don't have to.
> Is there any particular reason to change this philosophy?  It works
> great for Linux and it's a much bigger project than we are.

My main concern is that contributors need to be encouraged for that
philosophy to work.  I fear that otherwise the file will become more and
more out-dated.

As so far not a lot of people seem to favor such a drastic change as
proposed initially, I wonder whether we should at least make the
philosophy above transparent to everybody.  Attached is a patch the adds
a short line to the instructions about how to submit a patch.  Other
than that we could ask for a AUTHORS hunk when there is no comment about
it in a mail with patch, and also make sure active svn account holders
appear as main developers.

Again just my 2 ¢.

-- andi5

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