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Andreas Köhler < at> writes:

> Before I change anything, I would first like to hear more opinions from
> those almighty main developers at the top of the file, so no update in
> GnuCash 2.2.4 ;-)
> The following two issues still do not look resolved to me:
>       * given the svn login names one can use the ChangeLogs and trac
>         search to find out what that person did and is working on, but
>         the textual description of the project's history would be lost.
>       * how do we make sure that translators whose names might first
>         appear on the stable branch get into trunk later on?

My personal opinion is that the AUTHORS files should be dealt with
in the same way that the Linux AUTHORS file is dealt with..  When
someone donates a patch they're welcome to include a diff to the
AUTHORS file, too.  If they want to be in the file, they can.  If
they don't, they don't have to.

Is there any particular reason to change this philosophy?  It works
great for Linux and it's a much bigger project than we are.

> Thanks,
> -- andi5


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