Setting date range in reports

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Mar 13 14:00:26 EDT 2008

Micah Anderson <micah at> writes:

>> Note that some reports (most notably the Account Report) do not let you
>> specify a date range even if you did find the options.  In order to do an
>> Account Report for a date range you must first Filter the account register
>> by date.  Go to 'View->Filter by' and fill in the date range information. 
>> Then run the Account Report on the filtered register.
> Sadly, it seems that view -> filter by doesn't seem to have date
> options. Only account options.
> Have these been relocated in 2.2.4 (the verison I am running)?

Are you hitting it from a register or some other context?  It's there
for me (from a register).

> micah

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