building gda-dev2 on windows XP Pro SP2

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at
Sun Mar 16 10:28:50 EDT 2008


    I think we are getting somewhere

>Please take a look at
     So I would want to get the compiler (and presumably including a 
link-editor) here?  "This is achieved by using the mingw32/gcc compiler 
environment". Where do I go for that?

     Especially because of the time required to "make" the whole kit and 
caboodle, I would want to be able to compile and link edit individual 
components (and yes, my background is in that sort of environment where 
programmers/analysts were expected to be able to determine if their 
change was going to affect anything globally (remake the whole thing) or 
entirely local (recompile and relink just the altered component). That 
is of course just for TESTING as changes are developed.

>Pre-compiled versions of emacs can be found
>at (if you want to use miktex as
>well, take a look at
> )
     Thanks. Any chance there is a gvim equivalent for Windows? Or any 
other suggested "language sensitive" editors?

>Additionally, you will want to use gdb as debugger, see
> .  I have
>updated that page a little bit, but it probably needs more input from
>those actively developing with Windows :-)
    It might sound strange, but in practice been many decades since I 
ever  complied anything with debugging "on" (just knowing where the 
problem was sufficient for me to spot it -- so recompile with an 
assertion or two -- and again influenced by knowing that this sort of 
change HAD to be local and a recompile/relink of a single component 
fast). My bailiwick was applications ~500,000 lines (in 300 modules) 
running against databases whose compressed size was in gigabytes.

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