building gda-dev2 on windows XP Pro SP2

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at
Sun Mar 16 13:00:59 EDT 2008

Thanks everybody (keep up with suggestions)

I will probably want a "C for Windows" sort of book if such exists. Not 
"how to program" in general but "how to interact with objects of type 
"window"". Any ideas? I have written some* C, but that was in a Linux 
environment and I wasn't (yet) interacting with GUI windows. Before 
trying to fix anything, I'll want to do a little practicing. Nobody ever 
paid me to write stuff for them in C, just picked it up (yet another 
language, easy once you know half a dozen) after retiring early post 
Y2K. All that stuff (hardware and software) lost in the Nov 2006 house 
fire. Keep in mind that we just got back into the house December and 
won't be making final decisions on equipment replacement till the 2 year 
cutoff next November so I won't have a machine under 'nix till then.


* Only a few thousand lines total, but including a fairly substantial 
project (2nd Lempel-Zev Universal Data Compression Algorithm -- a finite 
version so once the dictionary reached a defined limit, replacement of 
entires by RLU --- lots of practice with lists and queues). Programs to 
meet standards in how parameters entered, having help and about and 
stuff like that.

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