Meaning of recurrence multiplier msgid?

Christian Stimming stimming at
Mon Mar 24 17:36:02 EDT 2008

Hi all,

the exact meaning of one translated string in Recurrence.c is unclear to me:

#. translators: %u is the recurrence multipler.
#. translators: %u is the recurrence multiplier
#. translators: %u is the number of intervals
#. translators: %u is the recurrence multiplier.
#: ../src/engine/Recurrence.c:434 ../src/engine/Recurrence.c:508
#: ../src/engine/Recurrence.c:536 ../src/engine/Recurrence.c:549
#: ../src/engine/Recurrence.c:563
#, c-format
msgid " (x%u)"

This msgid is used to build words like "Monthly (x5)" or "Daily (x2)". Does 
that mean the sx in question is executed "montly, five times in total", or 
rather "every 5th month"? The former is probably meant by the translator 
comment "number of intervals" and the latter by the comment "recurrence 
multiplier", right?

Also, only one translator comment talks about the "number of intervals", 
namely the one in line 535 in PERIOD_DAY, "Daily (x%u)". However, from the 
code it seems the comment it wrong and this number has the same meaning as in 
all other intervals, right? In that case the comment needs to be fixed and 
all is fine. Otherwise we would be in trouble because an identical msgid is 
used for two contradictory meanings, which would have to be disambiguated.



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