SX - Odd Date Behavior

Volker Englisch Volker at
Fri Mar 28 01:20:55 EDT 2008


I've come across an odd behavior of the date display in the register today.
A scheduled transaction has been created by running the 'Since Last Run' 
option which typically creates a monthly entry in my savings account 
register.  The transaction has been created properly but it's listed in the 
   "Review Register" with a date of 1901-12-13 as long as that transaction 
is *not* selected (see screen shot).
Once the transaction is selected the date display changes to today's date

In the 'Since Last Run' window this transaction was displayed with a "date" 
of 36447-06-14.
I have noticed before a couple of times that the dates displayed in the 
'Since Last Run' window were wacky and it appears that these are the dates 
as listed in the data file:

I am able to manually correct this date but a little later another 
transaction pops up with the same problem.
I've never reported it because I couldn't really pinpoint what was going 
on.  Maybe this info can help?

Is this a known issue?

I can add this to Bugzilla if necessary or provide more information.
I'm running GC 2.2.4, built from r16997M on 2008-03-03 on Fedora 8

Volker Englisch

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