design documents?

Ross Boylan RossBoylan at
Sat Mar 29 11:17:07 EDT 2008

Are there any somewhat current design documents?  I'm not having much
luck finding them.  I'm poking around, mostly in hopes of recovering
some data, and am trying to find the format of the .log files (more
details on the user list).

Here's what I tried:
got trunk from svn.
README says:
 Also read

2. Several of the directories under src contain files called design.txt
   which explain many aspects of GnuCash's design. Read those.

The  wiki says to reading HACKING, which says to look in src/doc/design
directory.  The files  there seem to either have prominent warnings that
they are obsolete, or to have no substantive information.  They may be
designed for use after a build process (which makes them a little harder
to use), but basically they seem obsolete.

find reports 3 files named design.txt.  I try src/engine/design.txt,
which says it is  "becoming obsolete" and refers me to src/doc/design,
already self-identified as obsolete.

Both doc/ and src/doc seem to have scraps of stuff that's relevant.
doc/projects.html seems like an overview, but it refers to versions 1.6
and 1.7.


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