Printing on MacOSX

Mike Alexander mta at
Wed May 7 00:19:55 EDT 2008

I was pleased to discover that printing from Gnucash now works on 
MacOSX.  I'm using SVN version r17143 with GTK 2.12.9 on MacOSX 10.4.11 
and printing seems to work fairly well.  The duplex setting seems to be 
ignored and everything is printed one-sided, but I seem to recall 
seeing something about this, or a similar problem, on other systems.

While looking at this I noticed that there doesn't seem to be any way 
to get to the Page Setup dialog in Gnucash.  I attached a patch to bug 
report 531871 that adds a Page Setup command to the File menu in 
reports and register pages.  It only works if Gnucash is built to use 
GTKPrint.  It probably would be possible to do something for previous 
versions, but I have no easy way to test it and it probably isn't 

Currently the page setup results are only saved during a given run of 
Gnucash.  Ideally they should be saved with the report specifications 
for each report.  This might be done in conjunction with moving some of 
this information from external files into the main Gnucash data file, 
as has been suggested.

Mike Alexander           mta at
Ann Arbor, MI            PGP key ID: BEA343A6

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