Another attempt to build gda-dev2

Graham Leggett minfrin at
Wed May 7 07:26:49 EDT 2008

David Reiser wrote:

> One thing that will be a problem is that to build from svn, you need 
> swig. Fink's swig (the guile parts, anyway) is based on guile 1.8, but 
> there is no slib-guile for guile 1.8.
> What I did was to build my own version of swig in /opt, pointing it at 
> guile 1.6 (via guile16-build configure, etc.).

Hmmm - maybe I can cheat, and run on a Redhat machine, and 
then transfer the tree over to my mac with the autotools intact.

> However, you may want to wait a while. I haven't had good experiences 
> with the gda-dev2 branch on my mac. It takes hours to convert a 3-year 
> gnucash file, and I have yet to succeed at opening any file created by 
> gda -- even a newly created file with a single transaction.

I'm keen to take a look and see why.

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