request a backport for Hardy?

Tommy Trussell tommy.trussell at
Thu May 8 11:35:54 EDT 2008

On 5/8/08, Ben Gladwell <bgladwell at> wrote:

> Are backports created for things like this in Ubuntu?  Or are these
>  types of requests not really considered?

I just reread the page describing backports at and now I believe
you are correct that Backports must be the most correct place for such
things. HOWEVER as it also says on that page that mixing libraries
from different releases is strongly discouraged (and requires
additional documentation showing the implications before it's

>  The Debian Gnucash package is compiled without the --enable-hbci option
>  because that requires use of OpenSSL, wherein lies the licensing
>  problem.  However, --enable-hbci enables integrated downloading of
>  transactions, which is a great feature.
>  And yes, in Hardy its not as simple as just compiling it in.  Some of
>  the packages that --enable-hbci depends on have moved on to a version
>  that gnucash does not support.  Building Gnucash with --enable-hbci
>  involves getting older packages from Gutsy.  I didn't realize this at
>  the time I requested the backport.

I see now that this will require some analysis to sort out. I haven't
been able to track down the licensing issue. Maybe it has been
resolved? The library incompatibilities obviously will involve some
legwork, too.

As for THIS discussion, I presume we have moved out of the realm of
GnuCash-Users and probably need to take it to GnuCash-Devel. We can
also collect the required information in your Ubuntu bug and link to
other bugs as needed.

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