rtl reports

Ori Hoch ori at uumpa.com
Wed May 21 09:31:34 EDT 2008

I am trying to create rtl (right-to-left) reports for the hebrew translation
of gnucash.

I created a new stylesheet (stylesheet-plain-rtl.scm) and I tried to change
some html attributes, I can change the align attributes for table cells, but
I can't add a dir="rtl" attribute, how can it be done?

Another strange thing - if I look in the source of any report with any
stylesheet, there is a <p dir=rtl> surrounding the entire body, I couldn't
see where this comes from, I guess it's added if the locale is hebrew - but
where does it come from? I did a search for 'RTL' on the entire gnucash
source and it's not there, so it must come from somewhere else.

One more thing.. I can see how a specific report is defined, but where is
the entry point for actually rendering it. Where is the scheme file that
calls the 'renderer which was defined in (gnc:define-repot ... )?


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