Import from M$Money.

Charles Day cedayiv at
Thu May 22 23:36:48 EDT 2008

On Thu, May 22, 2008 at 4:41 PM, Edgar Malagon <emalagonc at> wrote:

> I'm a new user of gnucash, I used money for four years, but I couldn't
> to import my money records to gnucash using QIF files.

Was there a problem with importing QIF files? Which version of GnuCash did
you use for this? If you are able to provide enough detail about what went
wrong, then I can probably fix the problem (if it isn't fixed already).

After that y founded that quiken import money data taking advantage of
> account transactions report, I did a program that converts this money
> report to gnucash log file, after that I did the test achieving import
> all operations only had to correct transactions that were already
> badly from home, this process take about five minutes. The program
> Doesn't have graphical interface and some tasks are still manually
> (such as linking money accounts with their equivalent in gnucash)
> still need adjustments, corrections and improvements but I offer my
> support to complete and make a useful tool.
> I want to know if someone is interested.

If your program converts a report into GnuCash data, this might be useful to
others, especially for people switching from applications that can't even
export QIF (like Quickbooks). But even better would be to help get the
importer working properly with QIF files from M$Money. (See above.)


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