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Graham Leggett minfrin at
Tue May 27 13:51:59 EDT 2008

Geert Janssens wrote:

> And I have been looking around, although I didn't migrate yet because of the 
> huge effort it usually takes: there's 
> * Compiere: it does ERP (enterprise resource planning), BPM (Business Project 
> Management) and accounting. It's maintained by a company also called 
> Compiere, the product is open source based, although it seems the company is 
> heading to closing the source. That's why there is now a fork:
> * Adempiere: this is a fully open source fork of Compiere. It aims to remain 
> as compatible with Compiere as possible, although it seems to merge some 
> additional functionality not yet in Compiere, like Point-Of-Sales system, 
> Manufacturing,...
> Both are (at least for me) very difficult to grasp. I managed to get them 
> installed, but I never really managed to use them in a way that was useful.

I tried to evaluate Compiere, and it failed the stability test - I 
didn't complete the install before I was running into baffling 
stacktraces left right and centre.

What I am avoiding is the bloated we-try-do-everything software package, 
that takes forever to learn how to use, forever to fix when it breaks, 
and forever to pay off the huge bloated computer system required to run it.

Instead, I am focusing on finding products that do one thing and do one 
thing well, and gnucash is an example of a product that does double 
entry accounting, and does it well.

Gnucash has some bizaare flaws though: gnucash will actively stop you 
trying to give your customer a refund by refusing to post an invoice 
with a negative total. In the mean time we hack the XML by hand (!!!!!), 
but once invoice addition is automated, this problem will go away.

But put it this way, Derek can throw as many tantrums as he likes, we 
plan to use gnucash to move from a small business to a big business (for 
now). :)

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