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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed May 28 10:46:57 EDT 2008

Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at> writes:

> [[Sorry, this was meant to go on the list as well]]
> On Tuesday 27 May 2008, you wrote:
>> Gnucash has some bizaare flaws though: gnucash will actively stop you
>> trying to give your customer a refund by refusing to post an invoice
>> with a negative total. In the mean time we hack the XML by hand (!!!!!),
>> but once invoice addition is automated, this problem will go away.
> Heh, I have been bitten by that one too ! I have chosen to keep credit notes 
> (negative invoices) outside of the business tools for that reason. This 
> works, but my credit notes have to do without the added consistency checks 
> done by the business tools.

Currently you can sort of do a credit note through the Process Payment
mechanism, but it's not perfect.

Honestly, I wrote the business features for my own use, and indeed it's
worked quite fine for me.  The fact that other people can use them at
all is just gravy.  You're welcome to take the same approach and write
the code you need to get your work done.  This *IS* the devel list
after all!   Patches are always welcome.

>> But put it this way, Derek can throw as many tantrums as he likes, we
>> plan to use gnucash to move from a small business to a big business (for
>> now). :)
> I'd be very interested to hear of your success !

Hahahah... Graham, you're so funny!  Just one recommendation:  don't
quit your day job.  :-P

Seriously, though, if you can get GnuCash to work for you, great!
More power to you.  But when things stop working because GASP
GnuCash changed their data structures, please remember that we
warned you.

Previous, Graham said:

>> Users needs win I am afraid, if necessary I'll patch gnucash to do it
>> myself.

Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!  Wow, now you're REALLLLY funny!   Have you
forgotten that GnuCash is a Volunteer effort?  *laughs*  "Users"?
While it's true that it's always nice to have a good user experience,
the code was written by developers generally for their own use.
The business features certainly qualify here.  My personal philosophy
here is "you get what you pay for".

Again, you're welcome to patch gnucash to do it yourself..  And I
wholeheartedly encourage you to do so!

> Geert


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