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Graham Leggett minfrin at
Sat May 31 20:48:45 EDT 2008

Nathan Buchanan wrote:

> 2. Use GDA V4. We will probably send time fixing bugs here, but we are
> almost guaranteed that a release will happen. The advantages of this
> approach is that we will be current with the new GDA and releases will be
> done for us (or in conjunction with us - depending on how closely we work
> with the GDA team). Work done here will not be towards a dieing version. The
> disadvantages are that we will probably be limited to sqlite until the other
> providers are completed. We may have to distribute pre-release versions of
> the code until there is a 4.0 release, but after that, we hand it over to
> the "official" releases.

I agree with this.

> My personal opinion is that we go with #2, use GDA V4. We will need to do
> fixes in either #1 or #2. From a maintenance point of view it's better to
> put those fixes towards a version that has a reasonable chance of a release.
> (This does, of course, assume that V4 actually gets completed). At best the
> other providers get implemented and we have all of them available. At worst,
> we're stuck with sqlite for a while.
> If we really need mysql/postgres right away - it's going to involve
> significant work regardless of the option chosen.

I would like postgres, but I would prefer a stable and supported library 
more in the long run even if it mean waiting longer. Use of a library 
attracts development of that library, I think if gnucash uses V4 it will 
be an extra reason for V4 to be maintained and supported.

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