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Nathan Buchanan nbinont at
Sat May 31 20:35:58 EDT 2008

So...In the end, what's our options?

1. Use GDA V3. We will spend time fixing bugs in V3 that will probably not
be released in a bugfix release of GDA. The advantages of this approach are
that we get access to sqlite, mysql, and postgres. The disadvantage is that
we will probably have to ship our own version of GDA, and in a few years,
this will probably be out of date, requiring the switch to V4 anyway. We
will expend significant energy to have it working "now", much of this energy
will be lost when moving to V4.

2. Use GDA V4. We will probably send time fixing bugs here, but we are
almost guaranteed that a release will happen. The advantages of this
approach is that we will be current with the new GDA and releases will be
done for us (or in conjunction with us - depending on how closely we work
with the GDA team). Work done here will not be towards a dieing version. The
disadvantages are that we will probably be limited to sqlite until the other
providers are completed. We may have to distribute pre-release versions of
the code until there is a 4.0 release, but after that, we hand it over to
the "official" releases.

3. Use Libdbi/another approach. Advantages: we hope they are more stable and
bug free, but do not know. Disadvantages: we have to re-do all the work done
to integrate GDA :(.

My personal opinion is that we go with #2, use GDA V4. We will need to do
fixes in either #1 or #2. From a maintenance point of view it's better to
put those fixes towards a version that has a reasonable chance of a release.
(This does, of course, assume that V4 actually gets completed). At best the
other providers get implemented and we have all of them available. At worst,
we're stuck with sqlite for a while.

If we really need mysql/postgres right away - it's going to involve
significant work regardless of the option chosen.

Phil, do you have a preference? It's probably your preference that counts ;)


On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 3:41 PM, Charles Day <cedayiv at> wrote:

> Getting back to the gda stuff, the key question seems to be: Can support
> for
> mysql and postgresql wait?
> If so, then V4 seems like a good choice to me, since Phil has said (I
> think)
> that it works well enough with sqlite for our purposes. Support for the
> other databases can be added as V4 evolves.
> I got the impression from the various updates over past weeks that V3
> wasn't
> satisfactory for even ONE of sqlite, mysql, or postgresql -- unless we fork
> it off and customize it.
> My $0.02, but since I'm not contributing to this part of GnuCash, feel free
> to ignore it.
> Cheers,
> Charles
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