Importing Data

Marcus Wolschon Marcus at
Thu Nov 13 14:17:47 EST 2008

(Mail sent again using gmail as this morning a spammer guesses a
user's password.
 We disabled it within 40min but it temporarily got us into some blacklists.)

2008/11/13 Derek Atkins <warlord at>:
> "Marcus Wolschon" <Marcus at> writes:
>> The linked sourceforge-project consists of
>> * jGnucashLib,  a stable library for reading and writing gnucash's data-format,
>> * jGnucashEditor, a java-tool ment for bulk-operations and automation and
>> * jGnucashViewer, a standalone viewer that requires only java to be
>> present on the host.
> And what happens to jGnucashLib once GnuCash shifts to the new
> SQL Backend?

Hello Derek,

I already have a working SQL-Backend down here using hibernate
since about 2 years.
It should be easy to adapt to another schema and then any kind
of import/export between files and database will work and all
plugins/scripts working against the files will also work against
any database.

I remember talk about the gnucash-db-backend back when I started
my first version, about 2 years ago. I'm still looking forward to seeing
it completed and in actual use. It can scale so much better then the


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