Thanks for GnuCash

Frank Bauer frank.c.bauer at
Mon Nov 17 04:03:12 EST 2008

Hello fellow developers!

I just wanted to say thank you for your marvelous work.

I know about GnuCash since late nineties, but never really got the
hang of using it. The main problem for me was probably that the double
entry system sounded more complicated than it really was and also the
accounting language was a bit of an enigma to me. My next attempt to
use GnuCash was around 2004, but again, I gave up after entering
several transactions.

Since that time I acquired some basic accounting knowledge (by talking
to our accounting people while queing by the coffee machine ;-). About
a month ago I decided to rewrite all my receipts and bank statements
into the computer, so I can get rid of all the useless papers. This
time it was a childs play. The chart of accounts suddenly made sense,
rewrite to GTK2 gave GnuCash nice facelift, documentation seemed
friendlier (or my language skills improved?).

Now GnuCash helped me to clarify some of the mysteries I had with late
payments from my customers when I was still freelancing. It helped me
to see that one of my bank accounts was not as profitable as it seemed
at the beginning. It helped me to see how much I really spend on
specific items.

So again, thank you.


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