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Carol Brown carolbrown50 at
Mon Nov 17 13:34:26 EST 2008

Hi there,

I am starting a small business and have done some research and most 
agree that GnuCash is the best accounting program for Linux. But I am 
dismayed to see that I have to download /source code/, which to me means 
/compile/ and /build/. Arghhh. I don't do compile and build. I am 
starting a business and just want to install and use my accounting 
software. As you can imagine, I have a bazillion other things to do.

Also, I have been searching on your site and I can't find any install 
info in the documentation.The trickiest part and there's no info easily 

Many useful Linux programs are like this I have noticed over the years. 
Not all of us are Linux jocks, nor do we want to be. This is what keeps 
pushing me to just get Windows for my business so I can run Quickbooks.

I wish you could make it easier.


Carol Brown

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