Importing Data

Marcus Wolschon marcus.wolschon at
Tue Nov 18 09:54:41 EST 2008

2008/11/18 Phil Longstaff <plongstaff at>:
>> I remember talk about the gnucash-db-backend back when I started
>> my first version, about 2 years ago. I'm still looking forward to seeing
>> it completed and in actual use. It can scale so much better then the
>> xml-file.
> How can I best support you by providing info on the new backend?  Do you just
> want a sample db so you can look at the schema?

Hello Phil,

thanks for the offer.
Is the new DB-Schema finished and stable yet?
I had the impression that it was still in development
and wanted to migrate my own finances to it once it was

Then simply look at the schema myself and
adapt my java-persistence/hibernate-config and the DAO-classes
to match it. Possibly making more use of queries for some
of the functions (It uses queries to calculate the flat saldo of an
account without recursion and without loading lots of transaction-
splits into memory but could also do so for currency-conversion
and slot-lookup). I guess the old code can also do with some improved


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