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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
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Carol Brown <carolbrown50 at> writes:

> Hi there,
> I am starting a small business and have done some research and most 
> agree that GnuCash is the best accounting program for Linux. But I am 
> dismayed to see that I have to download /source code/, which to me means 
> /compile/ and /build/. Arghhh. I don't do compile and build. I am 
> starting a business and just want to install and use my accounting 
> software. As you can imagine, I have a bazillion other things to do.
> Also, I have been searching on your site and I can't find any install 
> info in the documentation.The trickiest part and there's no info easily 
> available.
> Many useful Linux programs are like this I have noticed over the years. 
> Not all of us are Linux jocks, nor do we want to be. This is what keeps 
> pushing me to just get Windows for my business so I can run Quickbooks.
> I wish you could make it easier.

You don't say what OS/Distro you are using.  On Linux, most distributions
already provide GnuCash.  It was already explained in another email
how to install it on Ubuntu.   On a Fedora based system you can just

   yum install gnucash

If you're on Windows, we have a setup.exe you can download and install.

If you're on a Mac, you do need to build it from source but again
that's fairly automated using the FINK or MacPorts projects.

I hope this helps,

> Regards,
> Carol Brown


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