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Graham Leggett minfrin at
Tue Nov 18 11:39:34 EST 2008

Carol Brown wrote:

> I am starting a small business and have done some research and most 
> agree that GnuCash is the best accounting program for Linux. But I am 
> dismayed to see that I have to download /source code/, which to me means 
> /compile/ and /build/. Arghhh. I don't do compile and build. I am 
> starting a business and just want to install and use my accounting 
> software. As you can imagine, I have a bazillion other things to do.

Gnucash binaries are available by default in most Linux distributions, 
there is usually no need to try and build binaries yourself.

Take a look in the docs for your distribution to find out what software 
is available, and what it is called, and how to install it.

The package you are looking for is probably called gnucash, or 
potentially gnucash2.

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