[PATCH] multicurrency, handle invoice/bill line items

jamie campbell jamie at parit.ca
Sat Nov 22 00:32:42 EST 2008

This patch is the last in the multicurrency set : it deals with 
conversions where individual invoice/bill line item accounts are 
different from the "owner" currency (aka, the invoice/bill currency).

The original plan was to also have a checkbox to allow the user to use 
an account that isn't usually in the owner currency, in the owner 
currency, but that's more ornate and requires more time and code than I 
have time for right now, so, it's a feature for future :)

I tested out "invoice currency matches the default books currency and 
has some accounts that use other currencies" and "invoice currency does 
not match default currency and has some stuff that does and some stuff 
that doesn't".. it could probably stand to also be tested by some other 
folks, but what I tried worked :)

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