[PATCH] multicurrency, handle invoice/bill line items

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Wed Nov 26 08:03:59 EST 2008

Committed to SVN trunk. Thanks a lot!


Am Samstag, 22. November 2008 06:32 schrieb jamie campbell:
> This patch is the last in the multicurrency set : it deals with
> conversions where individual invoice/bill line item accounts are
> different from the "owner" currency (aka, the invoice/bill currency).
> The original plan was to also have a checkbox to allow the user to use
> an account that isn't usually in the owner currency, in the owner
> currency, but that's more ornate and requires more time and code than I
> have time for right now, so, it's a feature for future :)
> I tested out "invoice currency matches the default books currency and
> has some accounts that use other currencies" and "invoice currency does
> not match default currency and has some stuff that does and some stuff
> that doesn't".. it could probably stand to also be tested by some other
> folks, but what I tried worked :)
> -Jamie

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