python bindings on ubuntu/debian

Mark Jenkins mark at
Sun Nov 23 15:15:14 EST 2008

> Can anyone provide me with up-to-date instructions for getting off the
> ground with this? Are the python bindings still available? Is this
> endemic to Ubuntu/Debian?

We here at ParIT have our own custom release of GnuCash for Ubuntu that
we keep in our apt repository.

Out latest release is based on 2.2.7 and has the python bindings added.
I did something cool this time around, if you apt-get source you
actually get an original upstream 2.2.7 tarball plus a
separate tarball of patches.

I suppose folks on gnucash-devel may ask "if you have a 2.2 patch of the
python bindings, why didn't you send it here?". On one hand I figured
that with it being such a new feature that you wouldn't want it in 2.2
yet, there are after all still outstanding issues that we said we would
address. On the other hand, we're just really busy here at ParIT.

For those in the community who find our work interesting (like Jamie
Campbell's recent multi-currency for business work), I'm actually
planning on launching open access to our subversion repository in
December. This will give GnuCash developers and users the chance to pull
patches from us, before we even get around to pushing them upstream. It
also allows the community to provide feedback on new code before we even
think it ready for upstream.

Mark Jenkins
ParIT Worker Co-operative

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