python bindings on ubuntu/debian

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Nov 25 10:18:10 EST 2008

Christian Stimming <stimming at> writes:

> Am Montag, 24. November 2008 18:52 schrieb Phil Longstaff:
>> > > ok, then. Last question: is there any kind of schedule/idea of when
>> > > the bindings will make it to a stable release and from thence to
>> > > distro packages?
>> >
>> > Um, when 2.4 is ready?
>> > The python bindings are not slated for backport to 2.2
>> Is there either a proposed 2.4 date or feature set?
> Neither. Feel free to send in a draft proposal for either one :-)
> Seriously: Trunk will be turned into the 2.4.x branch as soon as the currently 
> active developers are convinced there are good reasons to do so. "Currently 
> active" developers is a blurry definition of who needs to agree to such a 
> decision, but I'd suggest counting 2-3 developers is already sufficient. 
> Discussing a desired feature set that isn't in 2.2 but in trunk would be a 
> good way to give such a good reason. Once several developers are convinced we 
> should go for 2.4.0, the "only" question is who's going to do the release 
> notes and who's going to do the bugfixing work during a few beta releases on 
> the way to 2.4.0.
> As an example, my answer to these questions goes as follows: I'm all in for a 
> 2.4.0 release ASAP; in fact, I already use it in daily work, despite its 
> potential pitfalls. On the other hand, I have only little time for bugfixing 
> and/or discussion of this and gnucash issues in general during November / 
> December this year (to give a number: approx. 3-4 hours per week). And I know 
> for certain that due to job changes in January I will have zero time for at 
> least the first half of next year (in numbers: at most 1 hour per week). In 
> other words, in 2009 I will agree to whatever those who do the work will 
> decide :-)

I'm all for a 2.4 release in early '09, if we can find someone to
play release engineer and have people dedicated to both testing
AND bug-fixing.

> Regards,
> Christian


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