SVN r17686

Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu Nov 27 09:18:20 EST 2008

Hi Phil,

your commit r17686, "Bug #559783 – SQL-related menu entry only 
when --enable-dbi is given", introduced a Gtk critical warning when compiling 
without dbi, like so:

* 15:12:21  CRIT <Gtk> find_menu_position: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET 
(prev_child)' failed
* 15:12:21  CRIT <Gtk> gtk_menu_shell_insert: assertion `GTK_IS_MENU_SHELL 
(menu_shell)' failed

This warning occurs because without --enable-dbi, the menu 
item "FileDatabaseConnectionAction" isn't inserted after your patch (which is 
correct), but it is being referenced 
in ./src/gnome/ui/gnc-plugin-basic-commands-ui.xml , which gives this error. 
This needs to be changed so that this menu item is not only not inserted on 
disabled dbi, but also not referenced from the ui.xml files. Or alternatively 
it isn't removed on disabled libdbi but rather only set to inactive or 
something like that.



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