Changing description of reconciled trx fails

Jerry Quinn jlquinn at
Fri Nov 28 13:20:21 EST 2008

Hi all,

I needed to change the description of a reconciled transaction in 
2.2.6.  Gnucash prevented me from doing so, a behavior I haven't seen 
before.  I marked the trx as unreconciled to see if that would let me 
edit the description, which it did.  However, I can't return the trx to 
the reconciled state (yes, I clicked through the warning).

Is this intentional behavior?  If so, when did it change?  I'm using 
2.2.6 since 2.2.7 hasn't migrated into Debian testing yet.

It seems that for personal finances especially, updating a description 
later is useful.  Sometimes you'll have an entry on a bank statement 
that you need to add to reconcile, but only later do you figure out what 
it was really for.

I know I can go in and hack the xml file if I have to, but it seems like 
doing this should be warned at best, rather than prevented completely.

Jerry Quinn

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