Income Expanses report in a table format

Amro Tork amrsfmt at
Sat Nov 29 12:45:54 EST 2008

Hi all,

I'm trying to create a scheme file for a new report. The report that I want
to create is an Income - Expanses report. Just like the one "Bar Chart"
report. Has a starting date, Ending date and intervals. What I want to do is
to do same functionality but display the output in a table format not a Bar

Date                     Income
Expanses                                        Net Profit
1/1/2008                 100                                   80
1/2/2008                 200                                  70
1/3/2008                 100                                  150

And Colorize the negative Net profit in Red. Please if can anyone help and
provide some documentation about schemes available and interfaces in Gnucash
to do this.

Amro Tork

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