data dropped when upgrading from 1.8.9 to 2.2

Richard Bradley Richard.Bradley at
Mon Oct 6 10:07:24 EDT 2008

Derek Atkins wrote:

>>I used gnucash for quite a while on FreeBSD, using version 1.8.9.
>>I'm trying to upgrade to the current version, but it seems to drop a load
>>of my data when importing the old accounts file.
>What do you mean by this?  What gets "dropped"?  GnuCash shouldn't
>drop data, but also there has not been a lot of testing going from 1.8
>to 2.2 without going through the 2.0 release.  It SHOULDN'T be a
>problem, because the XML format doesn't have a lot of differences.

What I mean is that some account totals are different in 2.2 to what 
they were in 1.8, and quite a few line items don't appear in the 
affected accounts.

It seems like some of the transactions just haven't been loaded.

I'm not 100% certain that there isn't just a new filter or something 
which is causing some transactions to be hidden (but why would that 
affect the totals?).

>> 2) How do I build gnucash from source on ubuntu "heron"?
>apt-get build-dep gnucash

Yes, I've done that, and it did install loads of packages. However, I 
still get "Unknown library `print`" from "gnome-config --libs print"

Sorry for not mentioning this straight away, but I'm trying to build the 
1.8.9 release, because my plan was to double check the differences in 
behaviour, and then compare the code which loads the data between the two.

Is it still possible to build 1.8.9? Do you think that the "unknown 
library" issue is due to trying to build too old a version?

I haven't yet tried to build 2.2, but I'll have a go tonight.

Are you running ubuntu? Does "gnome-config --libs print" work for you? 
If so, can you determine which package provided the file in 
/usr/lib (this is what "gnome-config --libs print" defers to, I think).

> there has not been a lot of testing going from 1.8
> to 2.2 without going through the 2.0 release.

I could try loading the accounts through 1.8 -> 2.0 -> 2.2, if you think 
that would help?



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