Ian Smith-Heisters i at
Sun Oct 19 14:52:39 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I recall seeing a couple things on this list about using the GnuCash
API to read and write to the account file. I've been using a custom
XML parser to read my account file directly and run reports on it, but
I'm now thinking about adding write functionality so I thought it'd be
wise to revisit how I'm interfacing with the accounts.

I've been googling and searching the wiki for documentation, but
haven't found much, particularly for write access. Are best practices
for reading/writing the account file outside of the GnuCash GUI
documented anywhere? Is the API documented anywhere (besides RTFS)?
I've seen references to a Python-SWIG binding, what other options are
there besides C? Would Scheme work, or is it only prepared for writing
reports that integrate with the GnuCash GUI?

I'd greatly appreciate *any* pointers that would help in learning how
to read and write the accounts file without the GUI.


p.s. apologies if -devel isn't the right place for this, I'm not sure
if this is technically userland or devland.

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