second correction to translation

zhangweiwu at zhangweiwu at
Mon Oct 20 09:41:59 EDT 2008

Thanks for Christian committing change for me. Here is the second
"patch". This "patch" is very simple, but affects a lot of lines
(probably hundreds) in zh_CN.po.

Please run:

$ sed -i s/帐号/账号/g zh_CN.po

and commit the result.

Reason for this change: it is a very common mistake to use the ideograph
帐 in place of another ideograph 账. The first one means "curtain". The
second one means "account". So instead of having a lot of accounts
current GNU Cash shows a lot of curtains. Since GnuCash by almost no
chance to mention "curtain" in the user interface, a global replacement
is safe.

The two ideographs are so similar that even some banks and some Chinese
accounting software mix them up (so does GNU Cash). Perhaps only
accountant's textbooks nowadays can guarantee the correct spelling
overall. The mistake  had been so common that it can almost always be
forgiven, to the extent recent dictionaries for *contemporary Chinese *
list the "curtain" spelling for accounting acceptable. However it's
always better to keep it 100% correct, e.g. to give picky accountant a
good homey feeling. It does not annoy any one to use the traditional
correct spelling, but may annoy some people with the "modern" incorrect

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