second correction to translation

zhangweiwu at zhangweiwu at
Mon Oct 20 09:53:00 EDT 2008

zhangweiwu at wrote:
> Reason for this change: it is a very common mistake to use the ideograph
> 帐 in place of another ideograph 账. The first one means "curtain". The
> second one means "account". 
Hi. Thanks for someone point out to me in private email. here is the
update: the ideograph 帐 has two meanings, "curtain" and "account",
while 账 only means "account". The accountant's text books use the
latter one not because the first one being incorrect, but because using
the second ideograph gives reader no chance of misunderstanding it as

So: current translation is not incorrect, but a replacement is still
better for being more precious.

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