More problems with Finance::Quote Yahoo Europe feed?

Conor O'Neill conor_lists at
Wed Oct 22 13:59:11 EDT 2008

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David Reiser wrote:
> Turns out there is a bug in f-q 1.14 for quotes having times with
> minutes <= :09.
> Attached is a patch for and in the Yahoo folder that
> moves fields around so the errors from Yahoo Europe are at the end of
> the list where they don't screw up gnucash. And it also doesn't cause
> Yahoo usa any troubles that I can see so far.
> You will also have to patch at the main Finance folder level.
> Change the one instance of "0$min" to "$min" and that should fix the
> end-of-day quote time silliness. I'm certain finance-quote will patch it
> another way, but this way is simple to explain and it works for me.

Many thanks. This is 99% of the way, but unfortunately it is now
recording my UK fund holdings as 100x the correct value! While I'd like
to think I'm that rich, I suspect in the current climate they haven't
really gone up that much. Is there a simple adjustment to revert to
pence instead of pounds?

The UK stock prices seem OK, it is the UK fund prices which are awry.

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